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B4 Ventures
BA Venture Partners
Baccharis Capital Inc
Bachow & Associates Inc.
Bahr International Inc.
Bain Capital Inc.
Baird Capital Partners
Baird Venture Partners
Baker Capital
Ballast Point Venture Partners
Band of Angels
BankAmerica Corp.
Baring Americas Partners L.L.C.
Baring Communications Equity
BaseCamp Ventures
Battelle Ventures, L.P
Batterson Venture Partners
Battery Ventures
Bay BG Bavarian Venture Capital Corp.
Bay City Capital
Bay Partners
Bayview Capital Management, LLC
BCE Capital Inc.
BCM Technologies, Inc.
BD Ventures, LLC
BDC Venture Capital
Bedrock Capital Partners
Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company
Behrman Capital, LP
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Benchmark Capital
Benelux Venture Partners
Benvest Capital Inc.
Berenson Minella Ventures
Beringea Limited
Berkeley International Capital Corp.
Berkshire Partners, LLC
Bertelsmann Ventures
Berthel Fisher & Company
Bessemer Venture Partners
BEV Capital
BG Affiliates LLC
BG Media
Big Sky Partners
BioAdvance Ventures
BioVeda Capital
BioVentures Investors
Bison Capital
Black Emerald Group
Black Enterprise/Greenwich Street Capital, LLC
Blacksmith Capital
Blue Chip Venture Company
Blue Point Capital Partners
Blue Rock Capital, LP
Blue Water Capital, LLC
Bluegrass Capital Corp.
Blueprint Ventures
BlueRun Ventures
BlueStar Ventures, L.P.
Bluestem Capital Partners
Bluestream Ventures
BNY Capital Partners, L.P.
Boldcap Ventures LLC
Borealis Ventures
Boston Capital Ventures
Boston Financial & Equity Corp.
Boston Millennia Partners
Boston University Community Technology Fund
Boston Ventures Management Inc.
Boulder Ventures Ltd.
Bradford Equities Management, L.L.C.
Braemar Energy Ventures
Brait South Africa Limited
Brand Equity Ventures
Branford Castle Inc.
Brantley Partners
Brazos Private Equity Partners, LLC
Brentwood Associates
Brentwood Private Equity
Brentwood Venture Capital
Brera Capital Partners, LLC
Bridge Technology Group, LLC
Broadband Venture Partners, L.L.C.
Broadmark Capital Corp.
Brockway Moran & Partners Inc.
Brooks, Houghton & Co. Inc.
Brookwood Partners
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Brown, Gibbons, Lang & Co., LP
Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co., LLC
Bruml Capital Corp.
BTG Ventures
Buerk Dale Victor LLC
Bure Equity AB
Burrill & Company
Butler Capital Corp.
Butler Capital Partners France
BV-Cornerstone Ventures

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