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Facilitator Fund
Fairfax Partners
Fairmont Capital, Inc
Fannie Mae
Far East National Bank
FCP Investors Inc.
Fenway Partners Inc.
FHL Capital Corporation
Fidelity Capital
Fidelity Ventures
Financial Technology Ventures
Finansa Ltd.
Fincor Finance
Firemark Group Inc.
Firemark Investments
FireStarter Partners, LLC
First Analysis
First Atlantic Capital Ltd.
First Capital Group Management Co.
First Isratech
First New England Capital, L.P.
First Reserve Corp.
First Round Capital
Fisher Lynch Capital
FLAG Capital Management, LLC
Flagship Ventures
Flatiron Partners
Fletcher Spaght Ventures
Fluke Venture Partners
Flynn Ventures
Flywheel Ventures
Focus Capital Group
Focus Ventures
Fogel International
Fond Rizikov�ho Kapit�lu
FondElec Group Inc.
Forest Hill Partners
Forge Medical Ventures Inc.
Formative Ventures
Forrest Binkley & Brown
Forward Ventures
Foster Management Co.
Foundation Capital
Foundation Capital of Perth
Founders Equity Inc.
Four Seasons Venture A/S
Fox Paine & Co., L.P.
Frazier Healthcare Ventures
Freddie Mac
Freeman Spogli & Co.
Fremont Group
Fremont Partners
Fremont Ventures
Friedman Billings Ramsey & Co.
Friedman Billings Ramsey Group, Inc.
Friedman Fleischer & Lowe, LLC
Frontenac Company
Frontier Capital, L.L.C.
Fry Consultants Inc.
Frye-Louis Capital Management Inc.
Fulcrum Management Inc.
Fulcrum Venture Capital Corp.
Funk Ventures
Furman Selz Investments, LLC

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