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W.I. Harper Group
Wafra Partners
Wakefield Group
Walden Capital Partners, L.P.
Walden Group of Venture Capital Funds
Walden International
Walden International Investment Group (S) Pte Ltd.
Wales Fund Managers Ltd.
Wall Street Venture Capital
Wand Partners Inc.
Warburg Pincus
Wasatch Venture Fund
Washington Capital Ventures
Wasserstein Ventures
Watermill Ventures
Waterside Capital
Waud Capital Partners, LLC
Waypoint Ventures
Weiss, Peck & Greer
Wellspring Capital Management, LLC
West Midlands Enterprise Ltd.
WestBridge Capital Partners
WestBridge Ventures
Western America Capital
Western NIS Enterprise Fund
Western States Investment Corp.
Western Technology Investment
Weston Presidio
Weston Presidio Capital
WestSphere Equity Investors, L.P.
Wheatley Partners
White Pines Ventures, LLC
Wicks Group of Companies, LLC
William Blair Capital Partners
William Blair Mezzanine Capital Partners
Willis Stein & Partners
Willowridge Incorporated
Wind Point Partners
Windamere Venture Partners, LLC
Windjammer Capital Investors, LLC
Windspeed Ventures
Windward Holdings
Windward Ventures
Winfield Capital Corp.
Wingate Partners
Winston Partners Group, LLC
Wolf Ventures
Women's Growth Capital
Woodbridge Group Inc.
Woodside Fund
World Equity Group, Inc.
World Investments Inc.
WorldView Technology Partners
WRF Capital

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